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The air purifying pineapple plant

Aug 15, 2021

These are plants you can easily grow in order to purify the air and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

The pineapple plant is a rather unusual plant but one that you should consider. While it doesn’t exactly reduce the toxins in the air, it produces so much fresh oxygen that NASA put it on their list of healthiest plants for your house! It creates so much oxygen, in fact, that it has been proven to reduce snoring if you keep a pineapple plant in your bedroom.

Here's what you need to know:
First, purchase a pineapple. Cut the top part off the fruit so you have the crown of stiff
leaves and a bit of stalk. Cut off any extra fruit attached to the stalk. Now, carefully peel away some of the lower leaves at the base to reveal more stem and some small bumps.
There may even be some tiny roots beneath the leaves. Those bumps are what’s called root primordia, which means they are incipient roots just waiting to grow. Prepare some potting soil so that it’s about half sand. Sandblasting sand is a good sort of sand if you can find that.

The idea is to have a well-draining soil that will allow plenty of oxygen down into the soil. Use screened gardening pumice to achieve this. Place the stem portion of your pineapple into this soil and water it well. Keep the soil moist but not soggy until roots begin to develop. This should take a couple of months.

To speed the process a bit, place the entire plant and pot into a white plastic trash bag and knot it at the top. Set this in a window. The plastic will keep the humidity high
while still allowing water to drain from the soil and the white will keep the direct sunlight from burning the plant’s tender leaves.

After about two months, you should begin seeing new growth at the top of your pineapple plant. Tug gently at the leaves to see if roots have developed. If so, you will feel resistance to your tug. If the plant simply comes loose, replant and wait longer.

If the stem is rotting, start over with a new pineapple and fresh potting soil. Remember not to overwater. To grow your new houseplant, give it a nice location where it can get indirect sunlight for about six hours a day.

The best place would be outside in the warm shade during summer. Not too much shade though – make sure there’s grass growing there. After a few months, you will have an interesting tropical plant for your bedroom!