How to start an organic garden

Making Your Own Mulch

Jul 31, 2021

Mulch offers finished looks to landscape and provides immense benefits to the soil. Mulch play essential role in suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, protecting from extreme temperatures and reducing erosion. Organic mulch improves the fertility and structure of the soil. If you got the time and materials, you can actually reduce cost by means of making your own mulch. Making mulch utilizing organic materials is a green and environment-friendly sustainability practice.

The following are ways on how to make your own mulch:

The Mulch

• Decide on the volume or quantity of mulch needed by your organic garden. When applying mulch around garden walkways, trees and flower beds, the depth must be two inches at least.

• Find a particular area in your yard that is spacious enough to accommodate the organic material. The area must be free from bushes, bulbs, trees and must also be flat. Remember that putting mulch on top of the grass triggers the death of the grass.

• Start making mulch file during the fall season. This is the time when leaves are making wonderful base. Rake the leaves up to the mound.

• Put leaves in the wheelbarrow using your shovel and rake and carry the leaves to the mulch pile.

• Chop leaves to tiny pieces using electric leaves shedder. In case you do not have this electric tool, use a shovel or lawnmower when breaking the leaves.

• Saw organic materials and fallen limbs to tiny pieces.

• Put in wood chips in the wheel barrow and haul these wood chips to the mulch pile. Dump these chips on the top of the leaves.

• Let your mulch set during the entire winter and apply this in your organic gardening during spring. Use rake in spreading the mulch in about 2 inches.

• Continue putting in organic materials in the mulch pile.

• Add more layers of mulch to the organic garden during fall to safeguard your organic plants from cold during winter

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