Gardening pumice for plants

How to aerate the soil

Aug 02, 2021

Understanding the role that soil plays in the garden is one of the best assets that you can have as a gardener. It is this knowledge that will allow you to create a healthier environment for your plants and get the maximum benefits from them.

In doing so, you will also make your own life easier, as a garden that is well managed from the soil up, is a garden that is a lot easier to manage, from one day to the next.

A garden that has good soil that has been fed with good nutrition over time will make growing almost anything easy for even the least experienced gardener.

So how to you get good soil?

First you need to consider how plants grow and how they get their nutrition and that is through their roots. Therefore, in order for the plants to grow well, they need to be in soil that allows their roots to get to the nutrition. Obviously compact ground with little water, little air and poor nutrition will not produce the best plants.

Plants need water and air and this requires soil that has spaces to hold this air and water. Therefore soil that is aerated will generally produce a better garden. Pumice provides these fundamental functions in the soil. Provides the spaces the soil needs to hold air, provides drainage and the natural nutrients the soil needs.

Once again it is all about balance, as soil that is too crumbly might not hold the nutrients as well, where the water might wash them away. The soil also needs to be firm enough to support the growth of the plant otherwise it will topple over at the first sign of a wind.

The soil needs to have suitable nutrients and if any of these nutrients are out of balance, the pH scale that measures whether the soil is acidic or alkaline, will show why they are having difficulty absorbing the nutrients.