How to start an organic garden

Benefits of organic gardening

Jul 31, 2021

Many individuals are now getting hooked with organic gardening because this makes it possible to have their healthy and fresh produce. Aside from this, organic gardening is also noted for its amazing health and environmental benefits that individuals will surely appreciate and enjoy.

In order to reap all the benefits of organic gardening, you need to do the basic and that is feeding the soil not just the plant. In summing it up, organic gardening is healthier and earth-friendlier way of growing foods that you eat.

The following are the many other benefits of organic gardening:

Higher nutritional value

Organic foods have high vitamin and mineral content than those present in their counterparts. The chemical-free soil is responsible for creating this bounty.

Save Money

Organic gardening saves your money because you no longer have to buy expensive chemical fertilizers to grow your plants. You can use compost and organic fertilizers in cultivating and growing your plants. You can also recycle organic materials from your lawn or kitchen and use these in creating compost. This means that you will no longer be buying chemicals and fertilizers at all. You will also be

doing a big part in reducing organic waste that is ending up in the landfills.

You become aware of what Exactly you are eating

When you plant and grow organic plants yourself, you are become aware of the growth process starting from seeds into ripen fruits and crops. You also get more aware of what exactly you are eating. There is a high level of satisfaction when eating fresh fruits and vegetables from your organic garden rather than purchasing these from stores.

Organic Gardening Changes Attitude

Organic approach imitates nature and this teaches gardeners to utilize natural elements and organic plants. Your views and attitude will be change such as being a lover of nature and a lover of life. Instead of relying on commercial and synthetic products to grow your garden, you learn to execute approaches the natural way. This means less negative effects and damages.

Foods Taste Better

This is a very simple fact and one of the common benefits of organic gardening. Vegetables and fruits grown in your own organic garden taste better as compared to those purchased from stores and supermarkets. In most cases, individuals can consume these fruits and vegetables after picking them. Produce found in grocery stores

are usually harvested longer before and it can still be shipped before being spoiled.

You will get Exercise and Fresh Air

Organic gardening makes sure that you will get enough of Vitamin D which is the result of ideal sunlight exposure. Getting more of this vitamin is good for your health. Organic gardening is also a recommended activity for those individuals who have the desire to lose weight. Each garden task can actually helps you shed about 400 calories per hour.

Builds and Improve Knowledge

There are plenty of things you need to learn from this particular type of gardening. One of the main objectives why many people are into organic gardening is to make their gardens grow like natural living things. When engaging into this activity, you will surely come across lots of observing and experimenting. Every season and stage of your organic gardening will be based upon the right knowledge on how to cultivate and grow foods that can certainly make you or your family ultimately healthy.

Organic Gardening is Fun and Engaging

Organic gardening is a routine that aids in relieving stress and delivering great deal of fun. This will not really eat up all your time so you still have enough time to do your other priorities. You can do gardening together with your family and friends. The rewards for your hard work are delicious and healthy foods.

Discovery of New Approaches in Life

With organic gardening philosophy, individuals are likely to start smart daily life choices about ecology and sustainability. You can recycle and explore more in order to cultivate and grow your plants the natural way. Organic gardening can also be the start of healthier outlook in life.

Eliminates Chemical Exposure

The danger of too much chemical exposure is given. Exposure to herbicides and pesticides has been linked to many health problems such as neurological, reproductive and child behavior and many more. One of the most amazing and enduring organic gardening benefits is that this completely eliminates risks and dangers to health.

Rejuvenates Spirit

It does not really take expert for you to realize that organic gardening is peaceful and calming. You can feel these every time you go or visit your organic garden. Peaceful organic gardening rejuvenates the spirit and offers therapeutic benefits to individuals.

Reduces Waste and Pollution

Another benefit of organic gardening is the waste and pollution reduction. These are just few of the benefits that individuals can get from organic gardening. Generally, benefits to social, mental and social are known as far as organic gardening is concerned. Organic gardening requires attention, effort, care and passion. If you give all these it will pay you back with fresh, healthy and bountiful harvest.