Gardening pumice for plants

5 Tips about Pumice

Jul 30, 2022

Here we will show you a video for pumice and the benefits.

Pumice is an inorganic planting material that can be used as a planting substrate. Can be used in any type of plants.

Tip 1
When adding water to pumice on the plant, We get 30% Substrate, 30% Water and 30%air. Pumice is proven to be a perfect balance for the roots

Tip 2
For the missing 10% add vermiculite to improve the pumice function.

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Tip 3
Use different grain sizes. The smaller the size the better it holds moisture.

Tip 4
Pumice is inorganic material. Add some organic material such a fertilizer.

Tip 5
Can be used as an additive to normal standard planting soil. For better drainage and oxygen to the roots.

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